Does Olin accommodate walk-ins?

Yes, we provide both tables in the dining room as well as all of our bar and lounge seating for walk-ins. Walk-ins will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis.


What is TWIST? Is it associated with Olin?

TWIST is a walk-up window located in Parker's Alley that features a fun take on soft pretzels. TWIST is a sister concept and is under the same ownership as Olin.


Does Olin have space or a separate room for private events?

Olin does not have a dedicated private event space. We can accommodate a party of 8 or less in our dining room. Reservations for tables larger than 6 must be made over the phone.


Does Olin accommodate take-out food orders?

Currently, Olin does offer carry-out options on weekdays and brunch on Sundays.


Does Olin offer cocktails to-go?

Yes, a selection of house-made cocktails are available at our walk-up window, Twist-located in Parker's Alley adjacent to the restaurant.


Does Olin offer non-alcoholic cocktails?

Yes, the bar staff at Olin is very passionate about providing non-alcoholic options to guests who refrain from alcohol, but still want a creative and flavorful beverage.


Does Olin accommodate vegetarian and vegan diners?

Yes, our kitchen staff will be happy to prepare and work with diners who follow both a vegetarian and vegan diet.


Does Olin's menu have gluten-free options?

Yes, a number of options on the menu are naturally gluten-free and the kitchen will do everything they can to make available as many options as possible.


Are children welcome at Olin?

Yes, children are welcome at Olin. Although we do not have a children's menu, our chefs will be happy to accommodate individual requests. A limited number of highchairs are available.


Are dogs allowed in Olin?

Unfortunately, due to health code standards of the city of Detroit, only dogs that are certified and defined in Title II and Title III of the American with Disabilities Act are allowed in the restaurant.